The Museum celebrates the following individuals who exemplify innovation and entrepreneurship to help build community wealth in the Wards 7 and 8 communities:

  • Juanita Britton, founder of Anacostia Art Gallery, BZB International, promoter of the arts, and many other ventures
  • Mary Brown, Larry B. Quick, and Ben Johnson, co-founders of Life Pieces to Masterpieces
  • Tendani Mpulubusi El, Tendani Art and film producer, “People Past and Present: Hillsdale (AKA Barry Farms),” founder and CEO of Design Mind, and founder of the Innovate 8 initiative in Ward 8
  • Antoinette Ford, founder and Executive Director, Double Nickels Theatre Company
  • Duane Gautier, founder and CEO of ARCH Development Corporation
  • Amir Muhammad, founder of the Islamic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center
  • Nikki Peele, founder and CEO of Respin Public Relations
  • Michelle Phipps-Evans, founder and CEO, Invisible Colours LLC
  • Charles Wilson, co-founder and President, River East Emerging Leaders

Sources of information on Black inventors and entrepreneurs:

Global Black Inventor Research Projects, Inc., Keith C. Holmes
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